I Will Never Forget You (But I Did Last Night)

Whitneyokay so don’t judge me..

i didn’t realize that the whitney houston biopic was coming on last night.
you said you wouldn’t judge!

so why come i thought it was next weekend?
^thats my story and i’m stickin’ to it.
i have now started putting tv shows/movies/docs in my calendar.
so for the foxhole who didn’t forget

Did Auntie Angela come through for Whitney?
or was it on the same level as the Aaliyah biopic disaster?

lowkey: i’m gonna catch it today.
i promise.
you can stop judging now.

13 thoughts on “I Will Never Forget You (But I Did Last Night)

  1. All I can say is ho-hum. The movie just glossed over her life and there were so many inaccuracies it just didn’t ring true. Whitney is my age so I lived her life in real time. The movie didn’t capture the real life feeling of watching a talented train wreck in slow motion. When she and Bobby did that reality show and she said crack is whack in an interview you knew she was on the roller coaster ride to oblivion. Plus she fried her voice with drugs. I listened to her last album and almost cried. She couldn’t hit the high highs any more. I saw Whitney in person at the BET Awards about 4 years ago. Jennifer Hudson covered one of her songs during a tribute to Whitney. I was in the balcony and was looking directly into Whitney’s face on the front row. She smiled and clapped politely but I swear I saw jealousy. Like she knew Jennifer was rising and she was falling. Angela Bassett’s movie captured none of the tragic rise and fall of her life. Why did she use drugs? Why did she destroy herself and the gift God gave her? Was she insecure? A repressed lesbian? Bored? Who was the real woman behind the pop personna molded out of clay by Clive Davis? One day years from now someone will do an honest look at her life through film. This just wasn’t the film. It was a made for TV love story loosely based on Whitney and Bobby.

    P.S. I hope Yah Yah gets better parts because she really tried. Beautiful woman. The dude playing Bobby was not believable…he was way too fine. And Deborah Cox OMG what a voice!

  2. Loved it!

    Casting was great. (Aside for Cissy J Blige Houston)
    Actors came through…I felt the passion and the pain.
    Deborah owned the vocals.
    Real and raw and not some fairy tale movie.
    Shout out to Angela Bassett. She did that!
    Follow-up interview with bobby was great too.

    Lifetime got this one right.

  3. FIrst off, one has to consider that this is a cable tv movie. The budget these movies will always guarantee campiness to some degree.

    That said, the movie should have been titled “Bobby and Whitney.” It’s mainly about Bobby Brown and how he affected Whitney’s life. You don’t really see much about her career but rather the volatility of their relationship.

    What I found annoying was that some of the wardrobe was not time appropriate. The movie took place between 1989-1994, but I see stuff from 1998, the 2000s, even some current fashions.

    But I realize that her life story is pretty fitting for a mini series (I don’t think a theatrical release could cover everything sufficiently without being somewhat of an epic.) and for the budget, angle, and scope given, it did a pretty good job.

    The that ending<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

  4. It was okay. I wouldn’t say it was worth watching, so don’t worry about it. But I gotta say the actor who Bobby was CUTE and that body he got was on point.

  5. I just happened to see it was on when scrolling up and down the guide looking for something to watch. Every time it went to commercial I’d change the channel and then realize 20 minutes later what it was that I was watching. You didn’t miss much at all. It was better than the Aaliyah biopic in the sense that it had Whitney’s music and at certain angles Yaya kinda looked liked Whitney. She displayed Whitney’s eccentricities throughout. The sex scenes were pretty showy for a lifetime movie. You even see Bobby’s ass at one point. It will remind you of the Aaliyah movie because the sets and all. Just comes off very cheap. I guess they can’t really help that tho. One of my main complaints had to do with the fact that it seemed to be more about Bobby than Whitney. He pretty much became the main character about halfway through. It was also very melodramatic. Bordering on Tyler Perry levels of melodrama. Debra Cox did a good job singing Whitney’s songs but her voice is hella deep. I suggest lifetime stay away from biopics from now on.

  6. Y’all didn’t see it? Well get ready for the spoilers. Nah lol. I will say that Angela came through.

  7. I give it about a (B-) It was a pretty decent movie it was way better than that Aaliyah movie. Yaya did an decent job, she just overacted some of Whitney mannerisms. She played a younger Whitney from the period of 1989 to around 1992 some of those mannerisms Whitney didn’t do till later in life but overall I’m not going to knock her those are big shoes to fill. The actor who played Bobby did a really great job. Some of the storyline was inconsistent though like them at the 1989 Soul Train awards. Whitney didn’t perform there she was suppose too but was booed by the crowd, in the movie she sang greatest love of all which didn’t happen. I really didn’t like the way the drug scenes were set up but I disgress. I also wished they used Whitney voice, but I have to say Debroah Cox did a good job with the songs. Mrs. Angela did a god job though I will say it’s a must watch and I almost forgot it came on too. By the way did anyone catch the Bobby Brown interview after the movie.

    1. But it’s still miles ahead of Shipp as Aaliyah, who embodied NONE of her mannerisms or personality in that role. Yaya came through like she was in the bottom 2 fighting for her ANTM title. LOVED her as Whitney and Ms.Bassett has been a favorite since What’s Love. I always believed she would film a classy portrayal of Whitney.

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