Well She Clearly Didn’t Care About CPS (Baltimore Riots)

baltimore-riot-police-car-AFP-640x480they are acting a wild crazy down in baltimore right now.
send your prayers to that city please.
if you have been living under a rock,
they are rioting because of freddie gray.
he died in yet another police violation.
is this about to become the norm?
well this mother found her son within the riots and well…

longer video:

Do you think she was wrong?

everyone is talking about this.
many are for it.
a ton think she was doing too much.
how the hell she knew it was him with that mask on?
i won’t even laugh tho.
even tho i wouldn’t be actin’ a fool,
if i bumped my head and decided to show my ass,
my mother and father would have yanked my foxy ass up in the streets!
no filter!
my mother being the main yanker of the two:

tumblr_nezayqmbiB1tf66rao1_400-1 i woulda had to move after that scene.

lowkey: people need to stop getting all in arms how a parent decides to discipline their cub.
some of these raggas need the fear put in their hearts.

i was scared of my parents and i turned out exceptional.

28 thoughts on “Well She Clearly Didn’t Care About CPS (Baltimore Riots)

  1. I do not think it was wrong. He will be embarrassed, but who give a flying flip. Once again parenting the lack of it. It is sad that they are doing and was doing destructive things to that side of the city. It’s not that great on that side as is and they are making it worse. My friend teaches at a school on the west side of B-more and it took him forever to get home, because so many people were on I-95 trying to avoid their normal routes home. I hope justice is prevailed and police officers are going to have to have training class on human diversity and cultures. We all are human beings not just some random animal on the loose. I have only been in the city for two months and what else is bound to happen?

  2. If the officer does not get charged, Baltimore is never going to be the same and the shit is going to spread. They better be ready for it, that is all I’m going to say. Now Freddie’s past record is being brought into the equation. Here they go. They ain’t right.

  3. What’s crazy is that these idiots that got all up in the camera are only setting themselves up for a knock on the door from the po-po later on! “Cause you know they coming for those asses once it dies down!

  4. Miss thing has six kids and is on welfare…..she would have had a better parenting plan had she not been in THOT mode when he was younger, and now his narrow butt is out of control….

    1. ^And how do you know she’s on welfare? Even if she is, at least she took her ass down there to get her child before her child ended up in jail or worse. A lot of those moms on welfare probably called their friends and family to say their child was on the news!

  5. I agree with what she did. I agree with protesting and I agree with the reason why people are upset but I disagree with the tactics used. Do you understand how powerful we would be if we put all that power, passion, and fire into things like education and voting? This dude would have been laid out on the street and the first thing people would have asked is “where were his parents?” There she is, whopping that ass as she should.

  6. People who don’t understand should put themselves in her shoes. Would you be okay with your teenage son or daughter out there among the rioters? I wouldn’t. Not only could they be shot but also tased or teargassed.


    1. Absolutely!!! Agree 100%,what she did will not impress white people what she was their dirty work thats all she did.

  8. I was waiting for you to write something about this.

    With all of this Baltimore city schools are closed for the week. a week with no education, wasting people times who have to get their grades up for college or high school applications. I heard they set a church on fire too! It’s scary living in this city. I’m just happy i don’t live near where all the ratchetness is happening.

  9. It’s crazy. I’ve been watchin CNN since yesterday afternoon and it has been crazy. These people don’t fear the police nowadays and they are bold. The people looting yesterday were only doing it just to do it. It wasn’t to help the cause. People were rolling up at the mall 5 and 6 deep in minivans with trash bags to loot.

    Right now, people are still on the streets knowing the curfew is coming in less than 15 minutes. The fuck? That’s why people end up in confrontations with police. I’m scared that another riot will erupt tonight. Go home people!!

      1. We are fine! And don’t believe the hype. The violent demonstrations are in specific areas. It’s not like the whole city. Damn. I went out the night of the riots, had dinner, and bought groceries. I’m about 3 miles away from the riots on the West side. I could see helicopters off in the distance a little smoke from that CVS. They better prosecute some cops for murder or it’s going to be a long summer though.

    1. Too bad CNN wasn’t around to cover the 39 white race riots (three were actually massacres) of the post Civil War era where hundreds and hundreds of black people were murdered and black homes and businesses were destroyed not to mention the 4,000 + documented cases of lynchings of mostly black men.
      Too bad CNN wasn’t around to document the effective continuation of slavery that didn’t end until just after Pearl Harbor (there’s a loophole in the 13th Amendment that Southern states drove a truck through).
      Too bad CNN wasn’t around to document the effective theft of wealth perpetrated by the FHA when they redlined African-American neighborhoods.
      Too bad CNN wasn’t around to cover the systematic brutality of Jim Crow.
      Too bad CNN wasn’t around to cover the atrocity of slavery, a system built on murder, kidnapping, rape, theft, torture and degradation.

      I’m not condoning the riots or attacking you, I’m just pointing out the implicit media bias when covering police brutality, racism, and protests.. How many times can a reporter describe a burning building for hours other than, “yes Anderson, the building is still on fire.” They sensationalize an isolated event b/c it gets eyeballs for their advertisers, nothing more or less. CNN or any other media airing non stop coverage of the riots could give two fucks about the real issues. They’re only interested in the us vs them narrative that only helps their bottom line. That is why I no longer trust the mainstream media to accurately report on these incidents. I just read a story about a MSNBC reporter getting schooled by a protester when she asked him “Why didn’t the media show up here days before when the protesters weren’t rioting. They focus on the riots to distract you from the real issues here.” That lady (I can’t remember her name) didn’t get an answer from the dumbfounded reporter. That would require too much thinking I guess. SMH.

  10. We each have our own way of dealing with things when we have had enough. I do not condone the rioting, looting, or violence…but I understand. The mother of that young man did the right thing. He was fed up, but so was she. You would have to be near heartless to not feel some compassion when she hit her son out of love to save him from hurting himself or being injured by others.

    1. ^i completely agree bbb.

      “Get cho ass over here”

      while she pulling that mask off him.
      she was not trying to have her cub be the next victim.

    2. Yea, the mom did right. However, that kid was not fed up man. We talked about this today. Kids are participating in these acts just to do so. What do teens have to be fed up about? From what I have been told, people in Baltimore have had bad run-ins with the police for decades. They are not old enough to have witnessed it or experienced it themselves. You know how young kids are. They are just doing it cause everyone else is. One starts and the rest follow up. People went from sitting at home to getting in their cars to loot CVS and the mall. Yea, some people are mad, but people are taking advantage to.

      1. I beg to differ. I was still in school when the rioting surrounding the Rodney King trial transpired. I was young. I was fed up. So, I can only imagine what it is like to actually be there during all of that. Yes, some may just be doing it to do it. But this is not the case for all.

  11. Hmm…I don’t know how to feel about this one jamari because I think it was a bit extra and it just comes off as an ignorant black mama fighting to save and protect the status quo its very symbolic in my opinion I’m not impressed by it all she should have waited until she got home to deal with him IMO all she did was reinforce the problem I don’t know what you think?

    1. What if he didn’t make it home? Hundreds have been arrested in Baltimore and there is no telling what is or what will happen to some of them. He could have been one.

      1. OK I get were you and jamari is coming from but I would have to respectfully disagree in this situation so OK what are we supposed to do? Black people in this country have been treated like crap for centuries by this system we’ve prayed we’ve worshipped,turned the other cheek forgiving these animals time and time again and still no results so does it really matter what this women does NO!!!! It will not change,change happens when people get off their asses and do something.

    2. ^what if the police killed him?
      he wouldn’t have gotten home.
      better she raise hell on his ass in public and embarrass him.
      he won’t think of doing that anymore.

      1. @Kelly…do you think those people out there tearing up/destroying THEIR OWN neighborhood are doing anything to improve the image of blacks? Not at all. If anything, they are living up to the image that so many have of us as it is! Destroying and looting is solving nothing. It only leads to incarceration, which is where they want us anyway. This woman MAY have done a little extra..but she was concerned for her child, and I’m sure that she was shocked and embarrassed to see him participating in that mess.

        What these cops are doing all over the country is wrong, no question about that. But getting out there, tearing shyt up like they did solves NOTHING. You had young kids that were looking to act out…message behind the reason, be damned. Throwing rocks at police. Do you REALLY think you’re going to get away with that? I don’t think so! You can best believe they are going to be going through all of the news footage and trying to get as many of those people as they can. And they have no one to blame but themselves. So now they have a record, which pretty much fucks up any opportunity to get a decent job. That leads to bitterness, which leads to anger, and self-destructive behavior…which puts them right back behind bars.

        To make a change EFFECTIVELY, we need to educate ourselves. These kids need to pick up a book, not a mic. All you hear kids say…I want to be a rapper or athlete. That’s all they know! We need to let them know that there is more out there than being a rapper or ball player. Half of these kids don’t know the statistics of their actually making it to the NFL/NBA/MLB or becoming that rapper. Once they see that dream die, it’s a wrap. For them, that’s a wrap. There’s no backup plan. I saw a group of young black kids on the train last week picking on this Indian kid because the kid was doing his homework. Meanwhile, these kids are being loud and rude. Every other word out of their mouth was nigga this or nigga that. If our youth put as much effort into educating themselves as they do into material items and/or acting like fools….we would be VERY dangerous, and we could rise above all of the nonsense that we have to deal with.

        But we go about it the wrong way.

  12. She was not wrong at all she checked him. Like she said she loves her son and don’t want him to be another Freddie Gray. It actually was kind of emotional to see how passionate she was about saving her sons life. It’s to many of us young black men being killed by each other or the police this seriously has to stop. I don’t get it at all.

    1. Exactly! I was so happy to see someone’s parents out there getting their child in check. With all the extra stuff those kids are doing they don’t realize they’re close to being worse off than Freddie Gray. People saying she was doing too much must not see the people looting businesses and stores. The mother gets my full support in her actions.

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