the escorts are struggling right now (can you afford to save one?)

*if i don’t mention a name,
don’t ask me.
my sources requested i keep it private.

latino wolf.
i thought he was so sexy on his ig.
he was very nice to me when i wrote about him back in the day.
well come to find out,
he was a high class escort.
to even sniff that big ass dick,
you need a good 2-3k.
now that he is pretty established,
he charges 5-10k for his services.
if he isn’t “working”,
he likes his males muscular with a fat tail he can kill.

so i was talking to one of the foxholers who gave me that info yesterday.

I didn’t realize how much attentionistos are escorts these days

it’s not even the usual suspects either.
you know who they are.
as head fox in charge,
i shoulda known tho.
if we see you in a furnished apartment,
latest model whip,
and no job or career in sight,
that’s usually the first clue.

right now,
the rona has us all self isolated.
for many attentionistios,
business is pretty dead.
they can’t escort or do their usual tricks so what’s the next best thing?


have you been paying attention to how many new onlyfans been poppin’ up?
not only that,
many are selling dick and sex videos for a price outside of onlyfans.
200 for a jack off video is probably their cellphone bill.
listen i’m not mad at it.
these folks have a career and it’s called sex work.
instead of slaving at a job,
they have found a way to capitalize off what vixens been doing for years.


they win because they get a lifestyle.
you win because you get to fuck some fine ass male.
the wake up call is when shit like a “pandemic” happens,
they gotta figure out how to keep heads above water.

low-key: most of the attentionistos are so nice these days.
i’ve spoken to some and they were rude.
the rona has humbled many.

30 thoughts on “the escorts are struggling right now (can you afford to save one?)

  1. Ramses Principe? I remember you’d write about him a lot and I’ve never heard any negativity concerning his character

    1. Wow, but that is not all of them, are they? I did not get the brush toss, though.

  2. The thing about sex work is you can’t do it forever, but your reputation will be forever tainted. Your career opportunities will be limited.

  3. Yes I’ve noticed more straight dudes showing ass play here my thing I love my self to much work to hard for my doe to pay for dick and I have my dick I can play with if it ain’t an fallen athlete or actor singer no way in hell Odell trey songz usher john legend ti lebron just to name a few this the type you ho broke to fuck an average guy no cool if your good looking cool they will pay you

    1. I’m sure for escorts in that range it’s done by word of mouth, not some website.
      When I hear stories like this it reminds me of E Lynn Harris’ book, In My Father’s House, where the main character was pimped out by his modeling agency to A-list celebs and athletes. That character did it unknowingly, but these real-life guys do it knowingly…and repeatedly.
      These guys don’t do it because they love it/enjoy it. It’s a means to an end for many of them, and more than likely many are hoping one of their clients will sweep them off their feet.

    2. Rent Men remains the go to for all pleasure. Many of those guys deliver the goods on a platter making you the fat cat. I was surprised to see another site that requires professional credential where they are over looked. Its like two different characters.

    3. Well…when I taught English for a few years in Brazil, you could solicit their services on Twitter and Instagram if frequenting sketchy alleys and street corners notorious for sex work wasn’t your cup of tea. You could always tell they were garoto de programas (“GPs”) from their Twitter bios. Several popular Brazilian pornstars are also GPs (Erick Dotadão, for example) but they are usually way more expensive.

  4. 2-3k a pop? Or 5-10k?

    How often are they working? That’s way more money than average income

  5. 2-3k a pop? Or 5-10k?

    How often are they working? That’s way more money than average income

    1. Most of them wishes to be paid more than $200/hr. $2000-10000? A lot of the ones I see online aren’t living grand. They have air mattresses and what no. Kyle Kyontyli Goffney and Milan Christoper seem to have sponsors helping their lifestyles. I think Kyle and his sponsor’s wife all hang.

  6. it’s real man. about 5yrs ago, a friend of mine told me he had to go get his brother from a client who had drugged him (guy was 6ft 2in 210lbs) from a clients house who had him kidnapped and used him as a sex toy for an entire weekend. lucky he had a routine of checking in with his brother who was a cop at the time so that saved him. things can happen to men no matter how muscular or smart they think they are. there’s always somebody trying to get over on them like they are trying game the client. that experience hasn’t stopped the brother from being a “fitness” model on Instagram. ppl love the money sometimes more than their own safety

  7. On IG, you can always tell who the sex workers are- no job to speak of, fronting as a “personal trainer”, always out of town or the country. Always on what look to be week long vacations but actually they’re being fucked the whole time. I’m not gon hate on how anyone gets their money but just imagine your income being based of what someone feels your dick and ass are worth. Imagine having to constantly fuck men you aren’t attracted to because they bought you. Imagine the vile disgusting things you are made to do for the money-being pissed and nutted on by old men, trains ran on you, being past around to your clients friends. So many niggas feel they’re to cute for a 9-5 so now their are plenty young, sexy attentionistos/escorts to choose from. Because of that I’m sure they’ve had to drop them prices a bit. I hope the sex workers have a 5 year plan because you’re only one birthday away from being replaced by a younger escort.

    1. ^damn that’s real.

      i know the vixens who escort always have stories like this.
      some have been raped or held captive against their will.
      i always wondered what pitfalls and dangers males who escort face as well?
      you’d think because they are men,
      it would be different but i guess it’s all the same.

      1. The pitfalls they face…anger and self-hatred. That’s their biggest enemy.

        1. I remember seeing Corey Corey go off on someone online who asked him about his escort prices. He was so nasty to the dude claiming he wasn’t an escort. Dude you literally have a picture of your dick hanging over some dude in your massage ads but you’re not an escort.

          I’ve always been confused as to why these guys sale their bodies but are ashamed. I can see doing it once or twice out of desperation. But if you are escorting enough to have a reputation you need to get over it .

      2. Im also concerned about the path that leads some of these guys into sex work. I’m sure most of them didnt come from abusive or broken homes. I’m also sure that alot of them have other employment options available to them. My guess is that it’s social pressure. The desire to live or appear to live a certain type o lifestyle compels these guys to leverage their bodies to get to a higher social status-which is sad. The gay lifestyle is so dangerously shallow and vapid. There’s no glamour in working a 9-5 so why not sell your body for them balenciagas. That trip. That bmw down payment. Truly sad.

    2. “Imagine having to constantly fuck men you aren’t attracted to because they bought you. Imagine the vile disgusting things you are made to do for the money-being pissed and nutted on by old men, trains ran on you, being past around to your clients friends.”

      Sex workers have to master the art of disassociation to get that bag. Unfortunately, that means doing some rather repulsive things. This sex worker I know from Venezuela was asked to urine inside his client’s ass. He told me another wanted him to role play as a robber, fake break and enter his home, actually beat him up, and just take his money and go. LMAO!!!

  8. Can you do a roster of the wolves on IG who have only fans…make them pay you to list!

  9. With restriction now, most can’t host or go to their residence condo unless they have a home or unrestricted apt bld. i’ve seen most price like 500 an hr, like man i see how they roll makes me want to quit my day job. Im sure they have a nice nest of money saved and health risk at best and still for hire!

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