Dream On, Dream On

a place where you can easily escape from your world.
the real world.
when things are going wrong,
or they are going right,
your dreams should bring you peace and joy.
“beyonce” started out a as a dream.
so did “rihanna” and “jay z”.
even tho he is a nightmare now,
“kanye west” was once a figment of his imagination.
dreams keeps you optimistic.
it makes you slowly create an imaginary path to what you want.
if you are dreaming correctly,
you should want more out of your life.
if not…
you are doing it completely wrong
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No Universe, I Will Not Settle For This UnLubricated Pounding Any Longer.

aaafat guy eating giant hamburger“i mean he cute.
*looks at him with judgment*
ok he is totally not my type.
he has no hair on his head,
he looks like he is 7 months pregnant,
and his style is something out last year’s tj maxx catalog.
*now with non judgment*
he is nice and makes he laugh.
i just don’t… know…
what do i know?
the last couple wolves who were my type were dogs.
i don’t even know if you would call them dogs.
dogs are at least loyal.
these were… pack rats.
they just waited to get my goodies,
snuck in this muthafucka on some late night shit,
and then they ran.
i was told you have to kiss a few frogs to meet your prince.
well i must have kissed the whole damn swamp!
somehow i ended up in africa and now i’m on a date with a wildebeest.
so do i give him a chance?
or do i polite turn him down?
i mean he is paying for this date and hasn’t hinted about having my legs on his shoulders.

tumblr_m37b5qGqBY1r7cmcvo1_r1_400the last wolf couldn’t even pay for a honey bun at the bodega,
yet he could afford to buy weed faithfully.
whats a boy to do?….”
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God, I Never Been Fucked In My Ass Harder Than I Have Been With Karma

Job 4:8 says, “As I have observed, those who plow evil and those who sow trouble reap it.”

Do you believe the following Bible verse?
If not, stand by the window so that lightning bolt can proceed to hit your ass.
I am a strong believer in that little bitch named “Karma”.

I have seen her come in and whip people in to shape RIGHT.
She is like a super hero for good.
Bad people did something wrong or ignorant and they were indeed punished.
I, alas, have even experienced some karma of my own.
I started to wonder…

Is karma just something we hold onto when we are done wrong?

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