Tyson Beckford Gets Naked (Again)

Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 9.46.03 PMi don’t care if he blocked me on twitter on not.
tyson beckford is still sexy AF.
check this snapchat he didn’t want anyone to save.
he must think we follow rules
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Tyson Beckford Out Here Giving Out Lap Dances?

Screen Shot 2015-05-09 at 6.47.08 PMwell i’d like a private one.
how much?
well tyson beckford is doing this whole chippendales stint in vegas.
i guess since he is in “chocolate city”,
he got a nice segment for the brand.
well since mariah is now doing her residency in vegas,
she decided to stop by and get some of that meat.
this is what happened…
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Who Wants Some Chocolate Next Month?

Screen Shot 2015-04-24 at 8.26.00 PMso everyone has been talking about the new movie,
“chocolate city”.
its about strippers a la magic mike.
i’m sure it has a plot,
but we here for the black meat.
it stars tyson beckford,
darren dewitt henson,
robert ri’chard,
michael jai white,
and auntie viv.
well the f-bi been buzzin’ about the trailer and well…
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Face Off At The Tyra School of Smize: Keith Carlos vs Tyson Beckford?

tyvskeithcalm down wolves!
foxi j hasn’t had his breakfast yet.
okay so if you didn’t know,
tyson beckford and keith carlos were born on the same day.
that day being today.
dec 19th.
keith has always acknowledged that he and ty ty were birthday twins.
well when keith went to go wish tyson a happy birthday today,
i guess he got this
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I’m Addicted To Soft Porn and Love Scenes

tumblr_nd9g0lU7vu1rstn0po1_500i wanted to see “addicted” this weekend.
like really wanted too.
it was battling greasy chicken and bad ass kids on saturday.
plus it was pouring and blah.
today i was planning on going to see it.
well i heard from multiple sources,
or my people and the f-bi,
that this movie was absolutely…
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One More Serving of “Tyson Beckford” Before Lunch

tyson-beckford-by-rodolfo-martinez-addicted-to-him-oob-magazine-derriuspierrecom-4was your mouth watering for more tyson beckford?
well mine was.
enjoy some extra beef samples from his photo shoot for oob with photographer rodolfo martinez
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