Safaree Should Join Christian Mingle (Godly Panties)

Screen Shot 2016-03-20 at 1.53.31 PM

^that was one of the last tweets from safaree.
he was nicki’s ex bae/hype wolf.
sidebar: can i ask the foxhole a question?

meek mill?
i can understand a russian billionaire,
but meek mill?
i just can’t compute…

so safaree has been trying to find a vixen to hold him down.
he seems to be attracting a lot of bottom dwellers.
water meeting its own level?
well he put this thirst trap up on snapchat and well…
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Derek Tramel Wants Our Blessing

Screen Shot 2015-03-22 at 4.36.11 PMnothing cheers me up better than some cheat meat.
derek tramel,
one of instagram’s finest,
decided to thirst trap on the lord’s day.
one of my fav f-bi’s sent me this blessing.
i’d be on my knees first thing this morning for this…
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Amber Rose Got All The Baller Wolves Pipe’s Hard

Screen Shot 2015-01-20 at 7.44.38 PM…i can only guess why.
^that picture represents the words: thirst trap.
so amber rose is a hot milf and my default spirit animal.
she is also a hot single milf.
well kinda single.
allegedly she is/was riding nick’s cannon.
she put up these pictures last weekend and listen…
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Jayceon Taylor Is One Big Thirst Trap (Is That “The Game”?)

tumblr_na0c22KvTu1r7993do1_500…you know what jayceon aka the game?
you #hashtagged under one of your instagram pics something about:

 ( x “#bettanotbenoniggapostiteither” )

well i’m not a nigga.
i’m actually a fox.
so i’ll do what i want.
if thats okay with you?






thought so.
now shut up and take your shirt off.
i’d like more please.


Dez Bryant is Such A Thirst Trap

dezbthirst…ain’t he?
i don’t know people could not like dark skin wolves.