I Sing, I Dance, and I Can Make A Man Cum Under 5 Minutes so I’m Headed to Hollywood!

this new generation are all “talented”, aren’t they?
everyone has some talent they want to present to the world.
it is almost becoming sickening.
i swear you can’t meet anyone who isn’t “something”.
i haven’t met the new shot lawyer or extremely talented police officer.
everyone who is black online is coming out with a record,
about to star in a movie,
gay guy is styling everyone and their mama,
big tits and fat ass means you are a model,
has work out training videos…

and whatever else to get 2,000 friends easy.
hell, even being a blogger is over saturated.
i’m not trying to knock dreams,
but are these “starry eyed” goals realistic dreams these days?
remember when people said they were going to be a singer and it was fascinating?
everyone who thinks because they can hair flip on stage,
they are beyonce.
i had to ask…

Is everyone black headed to Hollywood?

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Who Would You Choose: Arquez Or “His Older Brother He Didn’t Know About”?

or does he?
i was getting my late night cruise on hoodworld and came across someone who looks like:

you know it’s bad when you look like someone else.
it’s worse when they have the almost same tats as you…

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Anthony Davis and His Eyebrows Know How To Budget Dem Checks

i remember i aksed if rookies get classes on how to manage their money.
well, i did get my answer in a comment box AND with some f-bi research on my part…

anthony davis wants you!…..

.…to know he knows budget.
would anyone date him?
or, is his eye brows a deal breaker?
well he this interview shows him in a different perspective…

see what i did there?
and another player you may like as well….

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The Sad End To A Pre-Baller Wolf’s Begining

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uoG5coTDlEc]

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0RHNOpW1hGM]

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-mh61XK2QvU]

everyone meet tony farmer and his gigantic lips!
don’t get too excited…

this is the face of someone who just found out their dog died.
well, much worst actually.
his hopes, dreams, and aspirations.
he WAS one of the top 100 college basketball prospects in the class of 2013.
he WAS being courted by several colleges.
now, he is the number 1 prospect for State Penn U.
for kidnapping and threatening his girlfriend.

good work there buddy.
that basketball career has now come to a screeching halt….

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Baby, I Want That Old Thang Back…

We all want to be free.

We all want to live life feeling secure without being insecure.
A hard feat for some of us, ain’t it?????????????????????

When we are young pups, we are brave and strong.
We areĀ adventurousĀ and want to do many things.
Our parents told us not to do something, yet, we still found ways to break the rules.
We had courage!
As we get older, we go through things that pretty much lock us down.
We start to feel insecure and throw up walls that we pray can never be broken.
All just to be accepted.

Am I speaking to anyone today?…
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