“Yes Bitch”: The Continuous Saga of Odell Beckham JR

4a2281c0cac5377c862b2c3412bbfd09i can sense odell beckham jr wishes he was ^that wolf again.
no blonde hair or questions about his sexuality.
shame what fame and “the net don’t forget!” brings.
well it seems like odell is the talk of the forest these days.
it just took one scandal for “all eyes on him”.
check out the latest in this old video of his,
posted via the shade room

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Odell Beckham Jr Gets A Time Out

Screen Shot 2015-12-24 at 10.59.45 AModell beckham jr is an interesting straight baller wolf.
as you know,
or didn’t,
he got suspended for fighting with josh norman of the panthers last week.
hell the whole team had it out for him.
word throughout the forest,
odell reacted because they chose to taunt him with gay slurs.
they allegedly called everything from “ballerina” to “faggot”.
as you know in football,
or sports in general,
there is a lot of trash talk to get into the mind of your opponent.
odell should already know this.
hell when you are doing this before a game…

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Maybe Odell Beckham Jr Was Looking At The Grass?

tumblr_static_tumblr_static_1lq2opeva1ggk4ws8ss8gsw04_640so odell beckham jr has been the talk of today.
its like he is determined to be “most talked about” baller wolf.
well shit…
good job odell!
get that free pr!
so allegedly after a giants game,
he was allegedly caught on camera checking out some tail.
not the tail of a vixen tho.
check this quick clip via twitter
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Victor Cruz “Black Side” Showed Up

Screen Shot 2015-10-10 at 10.35.58 PMyou know they say most rican wolves ain’t packin’ a slugga.
well most ricans and dominicans.
somehow tho…
they manage to fuck you stupid.

so i guess that thing in victor cruz drawz is a grower.
an f-bi just sent me this picture and well…
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Rolle Call In The Deep End

rollecallso when i first started this site,
next to the legend that was devin thomas,
there was baller wolf for the ny giants,
antrel rolle.
i know he wouldn’t be everyone’s cup of tea,
but i’d definitely sip on that lipton every night before bed.
from his body to that big ass nose,
i was about that baller wolf in 09
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Victor Cruz Better Apologize Before He Loses That 43 Million Contract

tumblr_mpmegnffKx1qk5j8to1_500giants baller wolf victor cruz learned when you become a big star,
you can’t say just “anything”.
he shared his thoughts on “killerman” on twitter and quickly apologized.
 “hood vic” came out real quick on us…

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