Would You Attend The Royal Muppet Marriage?

Kim Kardashian and Bat boy are not the only not hot couple trying to tie the not this year.
Seems a certain “it” celeb coupling is in talks of finally getting hitched after YEARS of speculation.

What do you think?…

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Bret Lockett: S E X T I N G

Well Foxes and Wolves,
my favorite baller, Bret Lockett, is caught up in quite the scandal.
Seems the lockout had a bored Lockett sexting a famous engaged porn star…
One who usually goes coo coo for cocoa cak anyway…

Guess who.

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The Fabulous Adventures of Mister Bosh

Chris Bosh is an interesting gentleman.
I don’t know whether he is naturally the way he is…or he is acting?
If he is acting then he deserves an Oscar.

Either way, the following video made me spit my juice all over my computer screen this morning…

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