He Is My J.O.B

Last night,
I busted a GOOD nut.
I let Devin Thomas beat the hell out of me.
We were having the most intense make up sex ever.
I do not know what came over me….
…but  I know he did.
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My Sexy Neighbor

Voyuerism can be so hot.

It’s like, watching someone in the “act” feels so naughty.
The mystery alone can make you go head over heels in an erotic fantasy.
I always loved to watch people fuck.
That is why I cannot get with scripted porn (besides J. Strokes, Flash Brown, and Justin Slayer).
I like to see real people FUCKING.
It turns me on HEAVY.

That is how I left last night, at 3 in the morning, watching my sexy neighbor fuck someone…

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Meat Of The Minute: Flash Brown

Doesn’t that look … suck-ulent?

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