The Week Before He Died

i’ve been feeling so off this week.
i was sick,
but there was more going on too.
i did not understand why,
but i felt depressed for no reason at all.
things have been going pretty well.

job is going good
skin is looking like smooth caramel
money could be better but i’m not in struggle city
wolves on the streets been sniffing around my parts
going out alone and enjoying my own company
the foxhole has been engaging with great debate/topics

so what could possibly be bothering me?
as soon as i looked at the calendar

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It Always Leads To Death

tumblr_mpz5ypBIP51s56exfo1_500i started feeling strange on friday.
it may have been that job,
since that has been the source of altering my moods.
it’s funny how my foxy senses was picking up on something.
the one thing i’m always reminded about…

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I Feel Like I Lost Him Yesterday

so i’ve been feeling a little blah.
this whole week i have been feeling heavy.
yesterday i could only post that one entry.
i went to bed shortly after.
i didn’t want to be bothered.
today i was in a worse funk.
everything/one was low key either making me hot or depressing the fuck outta me.
its not like i didn’t already know why
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