I Like Long Walks On The Beach and The Doggy Style Position

Hurricane Irene was a over hyped bitch.

Yeah I said it.
Well, for some areas of the Concrete Forest, she was.
My area was no more than a breeze and a splash.
Other cities and states felt her wrath and she left a lot of damage.
Over here however, we waiting for an after shock that will never happen.

Crazy thing, I was home alone all weekend.
I was twiddling my thumbs, reading shit online, talking in emails, and watching A LOT of porn.
I am pretty much porned out for these next few days.
(yeah right)

I was telling Star Fox that I was going to set up an online account on BGC or A4A…
or both of them… and go Wolf huntin…

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Picture This

So lemme guess Fox of mine….

You are sitting in front of your computer,
looking at the screen.
You filled out all the necessary info on this online dating site …

…. but now you are stuck as to what PICTURE you should put up.

Well have no fear,
Jamari Fox is here.

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