Sense, Sensibility, Stomach Aches, and Security Guards

tumblr_inline_mprmb6xNRI1qz4rgptoday was a very confusing day…
ya know what i hate?
you know what i haaaaaaaattttteeeeee?
being sick at work.
hell being sick period.
i woke up today and i felt so out of it.
wasn’t i like just sick?
my immune system needs an upgrade.
my head felt like it was filling up with helium.
my stomach tho?
boy was my stomach showing the fuck out.
i don’t know if the detox bath i took yesterday had anything to do with it,
but i felt like i was gonna faint on the way too work.
a couple times i had to catch myself.
talk to myself.
play a game with myself.
anything from being “that guy” sprawled out in a train car.

tumblr_mqgayygagi1su7sauo1_500work was no better.
didn’t help that thing 2 called out.
apparently a couple people also called out as well.
there is some “stomach virus” going around.
so it wasn’t the detox bath i reckon?
maybe it caused it to come out more?
i dunno.
all i know is i had to do her work as well as my own.
oh yeah.
uh huh.
looking at the computer felt like everything was zoomed in.
i had to get up at one point and take a walk.
of course she made some mistakes that i had to fix as well.
don’t tell her.
halfway through the day,
i received this text:

“hey j.
this is __________ the night guard.
i wanted to invite you over to my crib after work.
i’m having a small shindig and wanted you to come through.
let me know and i’ll text you my address.”

tumblr_inline_n2zvbhRhNu1qgcwnpyou see that shit?
oh yeah i forgot to tell ya…
i gave him my number one night off the random.
i was feeling brave and high off permanent markers.
i wanted to see how it went before i blogged about it.
he never texted me and i started seeing him less.
“eh bye.” – my response.
well i had two options:

go to his house,
feeling like run over shit,
and try to put on a brave face while in his face.


text him,
tell him i can’t make it,
and reschedule for another time.

you already know what i chose.
he told me to get better and he’ll invite me over another time.

14 thoughts on “Sense, Sensibility, Stomach Aches, and Security Guards

  1. Aww get better love drink plenty of fluids and try to stuff brightly colored fruits and veggies down for your antioxidants

  2. have all the luck with the men. Im 28yo in NYC and i have yet to have some dude put signs out like that.

  3. I hope you get better soon. Make you wash your hands and have hand sanitizer to bring to work

  4. Drink alot of fluids and Gatorade. That’ll help flush it out….otherwise rest up and get well to stay on that dude’s radar. He’s def interested and wants u to be on his court w/ the home advantage. Next time go for the dunk and u may get some OT w/ him lol

  5. Good decision. You must always show up in your best form. He might be trying to show you off.

  6. You and that security guard tho. I think he is interested. You should have went. I damn sure would have.

    Get well soon bro.

  7. I hope you feel better! I thought I was the only one who felt this way when I was sick! lol. That moment when you have to negotiate with your body to not give out on you in front of company.

    1. ^ty!
      it was a mental battle this morning.
      i pulled out my phone,
      tried to play that damn game with the flying bird,
      and about 2 secs later I said fuck it.

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