Going Down To The Dominican Republic Again

tumblr_nsezomI5An1ub1v9ko1_540borrell jr is the thirst trap dominican king.
i’ll get on maravilla soon.
he turns me on heavy.
well when he posted this video and deleted it

…i know why he is kind of an obsession.

tumblr_nokczkmoSV1rlvhzjo1_250…is is wrong to want to ride that pipe from here to santo domingo?

lowkey: he has back and front too:


i would eat his groceries.
he can eat mine.
he can smash it stupid.
i would use his nut as facial cream.

we can make a night of it!

pictures credited: borrell jr

26 thoughts on “Going Down To The Dominican Republic Again

  1. He’s posted that video before… He posts & deletes it every now & then. I guess for new followers lol

  2. Jeez! I’m ready!
    The DR is a place I’ve always wanted to visit, this is the main reason…LOL!

  3. I’m definitely going to Dominican Republic and Bahia, Brasil cause the men are so fine with gorgeous complexions and handsome.

    1. Lindo- as a frequent visitor to Brazil and a formerly frequent visitor to the DR, I have to say that Salvador, Bahia is to Santo Domingo what Atlanta is to Jackson, MS. While you might find fine men in each, there is truly no comparison. Even if what you seek are fine Dominicans, go to New York before you go to the DR. After NYC, try Miami. Then, maybe, head to the DR in hopes of finding one before he leaves for NY or Miami. In Brazil, though, if you like your coffee Black, Salvador is the place for you. If you prefer the Borrell Jr flavor, try Rio.

      (Full disclosure: I canceled my most recent trip to the DR in protest of their apartheid like treatment of Black Dominicans. By the way, they call Black Dominicans, Haitians. If your grandmother was born in the DR and you were too, to me you are more Dominican than the NYC born Dominicans who want you deported.)

      1. Word of advice @Lindo. Go to Florida and NYC if you want a hot Dominican. A lot of guys go there thinking there is a well down there that’s turning out the ones we see on the net, until they land in RD then they see most of the men are average.

        @Jay that’s not entirely true where they call black Dominicans Haitians. I’m part Dominican and I have many dark skin Dominican friends and family and they have never been labeled or called Haitian.This issue is more of a Dominican vs Haitian issue.

        Most Dominican artiste that perform “dembow” songs usually call themselves and their friends niggas in their lyrics.

        As it relates to the deportation …they are trying to deport illegal Haitians and and individual born to Haitians in DR …not persons originally born in or decent of DR.

        Sorta fucked up but Dominicans and Haitians been going at it for years. It’s a long history that goes back to maybe… over a century.

      2. @John I am from New York. I know there are some very fine ass Dominicans there. Shit I would love to move to Washington Heights. To be honest tho, Puerto Rican men from the BX are so handsome, but Manhattan 50/50, Queens they look like fish with their big foreheads and big eyeballs.

        @Jay I do love my men like coffee, black. But those brownish tan skin men are getting to me.

  4. Sweet lamb of Dios!!!!! I am rocking by legs back and forth as I type this comment…MMM MMM MMM MMMM ByeY’all

  5. Whew I love these DR post, they get me hot everytime. Lord was in a good mood the day he made him lol.

    P.S. He was at the airport where I worked last week, I wanted to go find him and say hi but couldn’t because I was working on a totally different concourse 😣

      1. Lol I wasn’t able to see him ( sorry should, he was on concourse A while I worked on F. I was trolling through IG when his post popped up saying he was there 😤 I wanted to make up an excuse hop on the plane train and see him but couldn’t.

  6. Ok Jamari…is there an uncensored pic of that pipe besides that blurred one?!! LOL

  7. You’ll love what I’ll share though! And I’m a huge fan of borrell if only ha ha

      1. Keep your passport with you! You REALLY don’t want to be mistaken for Haitian down there. Forget the Washington Heights propaganda. I was down there recently. Shit is like Mississippi in 1950!

    1. I’m currently not near my computer but once I am I will gladly share. For your eyes only of course

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