Sage The Gemini Is A Bad Wolf and Gets Some Leakage

Screen Shot 2015-05-15 at 8.28.51 PMi like his hair like that.
well who knew sage the gemini would be in such a heart warming scandal.

he needs some kind of “edge”.
so as you know,
or don’t,
sage the gemini is currently dating jordin sparks.
its cute.
would be better with me but whatever.
anyway so it seems like allegedly sage was still texting his ex fiance,
“curriculum” hurley.
oh wait,
her name is curium.
how the hell do you pronounce her name?
well apparently he proposed to her this past january,
but jordin was the one who ended up getting chose.
still didn’t stop our sage from wanting some cooch tho.
how did we find out?
the shaderoom posted all the text messages for review…
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Who Knew The Kardashians Liked Popeyes?

tumblr_nob43t6hpt1qjjqxfo1_540i guess in an effort to show they “down”,
the kardashians posted pictures of them on a private plane eating popeyes…
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That’s SO Raven (and We’re All Confused)

rs_1024x759-150317153358-1024-raven-symone-the-view.jw.31715raven symone needs to go back to black hair again.
this blonde/aquamarine/crayola hues has her out here saying some dumb shit.
so as you know,
she is on “the view” now.
the hot topic discussion today was about what historic woman to put on the 20 dollar bill.
on the top of the list is harriet tubman.
well raven doesn’t like the idea of putting harriet tubman.
she picked rosa parks.
why are people side eyeing raven today for her choice?
check this clip starting at 9:20
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Kenya Moore Better Hunker Down Until Daylight (Next Month?)

Screen Shot 2015-05-12 at 9.23.41 PMi guess she is hoping this scandal twirls on?
corny i know.
shut up.
it is not a good day to be kenya moore.

lawdddddddd have mercy.
its also not a good day to be a fan or a stan in #teamtwirl.
kenya got caught up today.
she found out james freeman,
the wolf she met on “millionaire matchmaker”,
the same one patti stanger and cynthia approved,
was allegedly married this april.
*dun dun dunnnnnnnnnn*
the entire shit hit the fan when someone posted this
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Tyson Beckford Out Here Giving Out Lap Dances?

Screen Shot 2015-05-09 at 6.47.08 PMwell i’d like a private one.
how much?
well tyson beckford is doing this whole chippendales stint in vegas.
i guess since he is in “chocolate city”,
he got a nice segment for the brand.
well since mariah is now doing her residency in vegas,
she decided to stop by and get some of that meat.
this is what happened…
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The World of White People Is Magical and Full of Unicorns

150226205604-ctn-lee-daniels-empire-being-gay-black-man-monique-blackballing-hollywood-00021520-horizontal-galleryi watched a speech tonight from lee daniels,
creator of fox’s hit “empire”,
that kind of made me go:


i wanted you all to see it.
its from the 2015 time 100 gala and he was giving a toast to his mother,
well he says his mama knew he had to get out the ghetto,
but two sentences made me go:


check the entire speech below
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