Lance Bass Tells Jason Collins: “Welcome To The Club! I Made Hot Dogs!”

Lance+Bass+PNGare they going to be new bffs?
lance saw jason and welcomed him in “the club” outside “the club”.
confusing i know.
this is what had happened…

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The Way He Rocks His Hips, Then Waves and Sip…

tumblr_mmmzk7qDqK1rqlk6jo1_500that blonde had him in the zone!
you couldn’t tell breezy wolf he wasn’t walking that cat walk.
he performed fine china at wild jam in san jose and well…

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Got2bReal: The Final Episode

g2bri hate to see them go,
but this is the final episode.
i know.
i know.
-1 skorpion show.
those who were already wondering…

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Mariah Carey and Miguel Get “Beautiful”

mariah-carey-miguel-beautiful-900-600do you think mariah will be half naked in her new video with miguel?
well she just debuted her new video for “beautiful” so let’s see…

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All Hail The Queen!

how ironic yesterday i watched one of my favorite movies,
set it off.

1017_496250180406860_1302962406_nthat movie gets me in my feelings every time i watch it.
one of the last black movies that really did heavy character development.
as i was watching,
i said to myself how all of these leading vixens are all so different now.
today i see these new pictures of big sis queen latifah
at the ny ballet spring gala.

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“The X Games” Starring @chrisbrown @rihanna And Some Random Hoes

everyone is fighting over the magical pipe that belongs to:

tumblr_mmjtlbMbIv1qi0506o1_400i’m convinced you enter the matrix when he’s beatin up a putty.
breezy wolf has got himself two new vixens,
after breaking up with rihanna.
they are actually pretty too…

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