You Can Put That “Anaconda” Right Back In Your Pants

Nicki-Minaj-rocket-launch-memeso we all were looking forward to hearing the new nicki minaj track,
after the epic memes that the ( x single cover ) brought forth,
i just knew i was gonna be in for a treat as far as the song is concerned.
hellllll its gonna be featured off the jay z inspired album,
“the pink print”.
i did like “pills n potions”,
so i knew she was gonna get turnt up for this new single.


my reaction:






i think i’ve lost my hard on.
what the hell was with that noise pollution?
it sounded like a bad 90s impersonation of “salt n pepa”,
  “mama said knock you out”,
and the “cha cha slide”.
i hated everything about that random overkill of the sir mix a lot sample.
has nicki minaj lost it?
she seems like she is struggling.
i’m about ready for her to go back to that pop life.
she did write an instagram message to all the haters who hate the track:

Screen Shot 2014-08-02 at 6.58.13 PM

Blair-Waldorf-Stop-Talking-GIFwell i hope he moves her to do a remix with some female mcs.
that is the only way we will forgive her for all that extra cheese.

lowkey: i was expecting this “nicki” this era:

hell even this one from “09”:

…she needs to find that girl like,
last week.

7 thoughts on “You Can Put That “Anaconda” Right Back In Your Pants

  1. I have never been a fan of this young lady. She is a poor role model for young girls and her rap game is whack as fuck. The ONLY verse she spit, where I think she killed it, was on Diddy’s Hello, Good Morning Remix. Outside of that, everything else was mediocre to basic crap. But she is this generation’s best female rapper…and if this is the best, that says a lot! LOL

  2. She’s full of disrespect for Malcolm X, Maria Carrey and millions of African Americans by her use of the N word. I do not wish her well. She should crawl back into the cave she came from. Her 15 minutes of fame are over!

  3. I think she needed another verse at the end, but it was a cool song to dance to. Clubs will bump it fa sho and strippers will definitely dance to it so she’s got a winner

  4. I agree. It’s not a strong single. I hope this ain’t the best she can do. This is the album she is supposed to prove she’s here to stay. Also, yes, it was too much Sir Mix A Lot. I think she sampled a bad part which dragged the song down a bit. Her first song “Your Love” was sampled but it wasn’t louder than she was.

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