Tyler Lepley is Stickin To The Process

BENNYLEPLEYi’d like him to stick to my process.
inside voice.
so where the hell is my benny, dagnabit?!?!

since he’s laying in a hospital bed on haves and have nots,
tyler lepley is busy hosting galas down in atl.
well an f-bi alerted me that he recently had one.
guess who interviewed him?…

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Tyler Lepley Can Have All My “Haves” and “Yes You Can”

-8i have been ignoring tyler perry since temptation.
he know he was wrong for wasting my time like that.
i saw this wolf on tumblr and added him to my mental “to do” list.
i got an email from an f-bi alerting me as to who he is.
who knew he was in that new show “haves and have nots”?
a tyler perry production im suddenly motivated to check out…

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