How To Say “Fuck You” In The Most Passive Aggressive Way Possible

i saw a tweet thread today that had me laughing so loud:

for anyone on the corporate america ship,
or any professional situation,
there is a certain email language you have to use.
you can’t be responding with all the rah rah.
i know you want to,
but please don’t.
there is a lot of passive aggressive clapbackingtons.
whether it is from:

your boss
the bitch a few cubicles over
someone in a totally different department

even in industry.
the “paper trail” will keep you from getting caught up.
you have to learn how to successful font to ace it tho.
it took me a while,
but i’m a beast with my work emails.
i’m always down for a dumb ass to try it.
so i’m here to show the foxhole how to use certain phrases.
i use most of these from time to time….

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(pre)baller wolf swagg

Screen Shot 2013-12-08 at 10.12.08 PMso everyone knows i love baller wolves of all kind.
college and professional.
i also love good fashion.
so i know what you’re thinking:

“like jamari…
you should,
totally make a pinterest board just for baller wolf swagg.
ya know,
something where we can get ideas for outfits and see sexy baller wolves too!”

well hot damn!
how you guess?
sooooooo that’s what i did tonight.
i mean my ( x fox swagg ) board goes super hard.
now in order to be featured,
im looking for:
clothes that fit correctly.
suit and tie.
you can also ( x join in and send pictures/instagrams ) for review of (pre)baller wolves.
if you’re a (pre)baller wolf reading,
 send me pics of some of your best outfits as well.
if i like it,
you’ll be featured.
everyone got it?

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photo: big papa joe penis anderson

All Things Confusable.

Straight, but comfortable and confused, Wolves are the devil.

On one aspect, I am attracted to them because all the gay Wolves who are deep in this lifestyle are strange.
They do/have something that turn me off.
It could be the messiness or club hopping (aka more messiness) that I cannot handle.
But, the “Straight” Wolves I tend to attract/attracted to always have some quality that I like.
Be it they are always curious about me, or they are masculine with a hint of shyness.
I always seem to attract the great ones I could never really have.
But I started to wonder…

Am I doomed to a life of attracting “kinda comfortable confused” Straight Wolves?!

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Baller Wolves Workout

I am thankful…
so so so thankful…
the NBA has drafted some fine brothas for our viewing pleasure.
These dude’s definitely make my tail perk up.

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