Dr. Dre Is On That Chronic

That CHRONIC work out plan.

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You Got 10 Minutes To Fuck Me… Then I’ll Schedule You For Next Week.

“I’m not looking for a Wolf.
It is not a realistic thing.
I’m going to focus on my career.
I have not seen any successful relationships in this lifestyle.
And all the Foxes I see looking for a Wolf are not focused on their careers.
They get stuck looking for a man to fulfill them and lose focus on building their lives.

I mean, I will still be a ho because I can never let go of the dick… but I just won’t be looking to be locked down.”

I was blown away with that admission from a Fox that I know.
He was dead serious too, but he was honest.
He knows that he is in another place in his life and looking for a steady man is like looking for a needle in a haystack.
Hell, looking for a Wolf to match your money swagg is even worst!
I had to look at him in a “say what?” way, but inside I was thinking…

“Is he right?”

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Meat Of The Minute: J.F.K

Jamari may have a little crush…

And not my typical.


Shocked? I know.
You know I like the muscles and all that.
Yadda Yadda Yadda…

I want my Foxes to know there is more than just that to get me.

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