I’m Standing By My Man (Cheating, Pills, and All)

it is an absolute shame about “pill bill” cosby.
“the cosby show”
is damn near ruined.
his legacy is pretty much a joke.
his wife,
camille cosby,
is stickin’ by her husband tho.
i don’t know if he has given her pills or she is just delusional.
can’t say that hoe ain’t loyal tho.
this is what a source told the new york post
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Paul George Is A Deadbeat

Screen Shot 2014-09-23 at 9.00.33 PMwell i didn’t say it.
the ny post said a judge did.
so it looks like my favorite baller wolf ratchet,
paul george,
has no f’s to give about that cub he brought in the world.
well he does,
i think.
that “skrippa” he skeeted in,
the one i’m sure he is embarrassed about,
is trying to get him to acknowledge the cub,
well a judge in new yawk slammed paul for his lack in daddy duties
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Lets Teach White People How To Successfully Get To Twerking

ezpyr7-3one of my f-bi sent me this just now.
it was in the ny post.
it seems that miley cyrus has created a new dance craze!
it’s called “twerking”.
how did we miss this?
well lets give her props….

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