WOLF MEAT: (437)

544aac901361d177ffda7a4ca79bc22bi’ll give him the benefit of the doubt.
the following ispy/wolf meat doesn’t actually feel the draft
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WOLF MEAT: (435)

tumblr_mezcexsfg91rv7gd7o1_1280i don’t see bunz cleavage as much anymore.
for the slow ones.
everyone has upgraded to tight fitting sweat/track pants.
well there is a new ispy-er on the scene.
the name is “slutty creep” on tumblr
(i know)…
and they got some wolf meat cleavage for review
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When Substitute Teachers Looked Like Dis

tumblr_m95vvpsr5M1qzfwapwhenever i heard “substitute teacher”,
i also heard “cutting that class”.
i read the following “ispy” are pictures of a substitute teacher.
if mine hadda looked like disssssss….
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When Your Roommate Looks Good (and You’re Horny?)

tumblr_nycn6hoS6f1u2mcd7o1_1280so when your roommate looks good,
you’d want the world to see,
well no
but for this tumblr account by the name of:

“nola nude dude”

…then yes!
here are two videos of his roommate on the low.
one in the kitchen while making his protein before the gym.
the other is him in his drawz in the kitchen…
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The Bunz of Shopping Wolf At H&M


listen foxhole.
before we get into this “ispy”,
i just gotta ask this

Hasn’t h&m come up these last few years?

h&m is my “go to” when i need something fly on my budget.
their shoes: “eh”.
clothes: “gimmie”.
right now they having this crazy sale.
like “5 and 10 bucks” kind of sale.
i got me this nice sweater that was on sale tonight.
10 dollars.
now i don’t know what was going on at that h&m in times square,
the one with the live dj,
but it was nothing but sexy wolves in there tonight.
even though work wolf was with me,
i could not stop breakin’ my neck.
i could sense he was getting jealous.
well one of my readers,
the one who likes big bunz,
captured what you can usually see in an h&m on a regular…

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The Bunz of Mail Room Wolf At The Job

tumblr_lr9r6eRMRV1qg02v7o1_500 nothing like a big package.
you know there is something nice inside it just for you.
well a wolf-bi wanted to show us something nice.
its the bunz of his co worker at his job that works in the mail room…
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