So This Is How “The Ugly Friend” Feels

large“the ugly friend”.
we have one.
we maybe one.
its usually a person who isn’t physically attractive.
they always tend to hang with a posse of good looking people.
they also can sometimes can be “the hater” within the group.
come “going out” time,
its usually the same story.
as their good looking counterparts are getting attention,
they are left to hold the drinks or be wait in the car.
i can see why the “the hater” tends to come out heavy.
well its funny how being discreet or dl can be similar to “the ugly friend”…
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His Eyes Were Watching Me (Not She?)

tumblr_n9wvhkpumB1te61wzo1_500letting go of another person is tough.
no one said it was going to be easy.
you just get to the point where you realize shit just aint gonna work.
you lie to yourself and others and say:

“i’m good!
i’ll move on!”

the hardest part is trying to let go when you see the person everyday.
the things that turned you on about them,
their positives and oddities,
are the same things that make you feel disgusting.

“you shouldn’t feel like this!”

thats the people in your background.
the ones who point fingers and laugh.
sometimes i wonder if anyone has ever been in a situation like mine?
or is everyone just use to being a hoe that men are just disposable?
well what if you want to let go of your feelings,
but something keeps pulling you back?
so my home-vixen came to my job to visit.
she is the one i spoke about ( x here ).
my boss,
liar liar,
and a majority of my department were not in.
as i was showing her around the office and whats not,
work wolf texted me...

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