the jackal ate my face

I liked him because I was secretly attracted to him.
He identifies as “straight” but with me,
he was different.
The vixens he dates don’t even get the same treatment as me.
One day,
he fires off on another gay male and calls him a “f@ggot”.
I call him out and he says:

“He isn’t like you tho.
You don’t act like them.”

…which makes me feel like I was special to him.
One day in the future,
we get into a fight and he calls me a “f@ggot”.
After he tries to ruin my reputation while weaponizing my sexuality.
You try to speak to him again but he blocks you on everything.
But… but… I thought I was different!

I am friends with her.
She tells me about all her other friend’s business and issues.
She talks about everyone behind their backs but does it in a charismatic way.
I think because she is sharing this with me and we are close,
I am a special snowflake with her.
I found out she had been talking about me to the same friends.
She has been telling people that I am into another male,
who happens to be straight,
and weaponizes my sexuality about a “straight male”.
She and the same friends turn on me and assign me as the

But…but… I thought I was different!

these are two jackals that ate my face.
it means i was dumb enough to think i was different with the jackals.
these are some other examples from others i know…

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grayling purnell seems like the absolute perfect boyfriend!

so we have gone from watching couples have sex to domestic violence?
are we that bored on musk’s twitter?
grayling purnell has been some of your latest obsessions.
he uploaded a video with him fighting his latest boy toy

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justin timberlake says aht! aht! (don’t get attached to his background singers in *nsync)

justin timberlake comes off like a user to me.
in my opinion,
he used many to propel him to success.
and the black community.
that album where he was in his lumberjack era came and went.
he even had beef with a black legend or two.

when i saw him stroll up on stage with *nsync at the vmas:

taylor swift and i were excited.
i hope ya’ll are doing something“.

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nicki and cardi’s huzzbands have entered the group chat we are forced to be in

i love nicki’s music.
i love cardi’s charisma.
i’ll still listen to pink print 2 and whatever cardi has coming up.
i’m gonna keep it 110 because the truth is in between these two:

Nicki and Cardi are both equally annoying as of late.

you couldn’t tell me weaves wasn’t gonna be flying at the vmas this year.
i just knew they were gonna fight on stage.
it would have taken my rating of the show from c+ to b.
since that day,
they sure are going about their beef like passive-aggressive karens.
these two are from new yawk so i’m confused about this behavior.
i see the end is probably going to be near…

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living your worst life in the post-pandemic era

…”feel like God is still with me”.
so #weoutside again.
the parties are lit and the brunches are plentiful.
i’m sure each one of us has been to a concert this year.
many of us waited patiently,
or impatiently,
to get back out there once the pandemic was over.
there are many who haven’t returned to this new normal.
in fact,
it brought us further into a peril where we suffer silently.
one thing we aren’t fontin’ enough about

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