this attentionisto put me to sleep (and not in the good way)

some attentionistos need to do 2 things if they have no personality:

  1. Don’t speak
  2. Don’t open an OF

not everything is for everyone.
some of these attentionistos would be better if they took good pictures,
stayed on what’s trending,
kept their original thoughts in the drafts,
and escorted on the DL to stay looking fly in pictures.
that’s it.
i think many get gased up into doing the most.
I’ve seen many attentionistos fall off because they talked,
which was a big yikes.

Sidebar: Remember when Amber Rose was an attentionista of mystery?

kanye lowkey too.
a Foxholer dropped the following attentionisto’s drop off at my desk.
i was so bored with what I watched,
I fell asleep

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