so one of the lyons brothers from empire is starring on OF now?

in 2015,
you could not WAIT for a wednesday night.
empire on fox had us all in a choke hold.
that first season was iconic.
fuck that.


the show fell off in the second season.
by third,
it a shell of it’s former self and by the fourth,
it was a pass around in time slots.
i use to fantasize about playing a villain on that show.
a few of the actors have transitioned into other things.
others fell way too hard from grace.
a Foxholer sent me a drop about one of the stars alleged new role

and if it’s true,
i’m at a loss for font

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“castro speaks” per the drop from a Foxholer

I couldn’t help but wonder:
When we find ourselves in the midst of a huge scandal,
where our reputations are really on the line,
is silence truly golden?

when lightweight drama hits,
like cheating or “someone got offended by something” scandals,
one of the best things you can do is shut up and let the storm pass.

people will always create their own narratives.
when accusations get serious tho,
it’s a different game altogether.
those need to be addressed immediately before they spiral out of control.
take the recent mess with castro,
and his manz dem.

it turned into a forest fire in about 2.5 seconds.
(x you can peep the background here)
jacobi finally got castro to explain the situation and…

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if you took the vaccine, you’re gonna die! LMAO

I had a friend who didn’t take the vaccine.
She was adamant about not taking it even though I did.
Whenever she would hear alleged bad news about taking the vaccine,
she would always say:

“Ya’ll went and took that vaccine…”
“Ya’ll this…”
“Ya’ll that…”

…and i found that shit to be really disrespectful.
i was about two seconds from cussin’ her ass TF out.

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so, allegedly, megan thee stallion was front row in nicki’s box seat?

i bought jaguar wright‘s first album.
i think i might have been the only one.
i bought it because of her being on jay’s unplugged and the coke commercial with the mouth:

Remember when neo-soul was poppin?
I miss that era.

I didn’t realize how much drama them neo-soul folks were in around that time either.

the album was terrible and she vanished slowly after.
jaguar has been running her own platform,
being on all the podcasts,
but her mental illness as the main feature.
she has said some wild things in the past but allegedly,
she said she saw an alleged tape of nicki minaj and megan the stallion performing.

not the type of performing you are thinking about tho…

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wah gwan with this trash from drake today?

drake was at his handsome-est during the scorpion era.
whatever era started the low fade/beard combo
as soon as he got the cornrows,
started dressing in early 00s garb,
and everything looking way too oversized like he is trying to hide his weight…

He started to look really “ugh” to me.

you what else “ugh”‘d TF outta me?
this patois-country remix he was featured on today called “wah gwan delilah“.
it’s a cover of “hey there delilah” from plain white t’s


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this is me… getting my karma now

Everyone loves to play the asshole until shit happens.

a Foxholer once told me:

“You can be any kind of person,
but if you are kind,
people will stick by your side if you fall from grace.”

in my journey through the concrete forests of life,
this nugget of wisdom has surely has been many of my experiences.
kindness has sometimes led my spirit to be bruised and battered,
but more often than not,
it’s circled back to me in the most unexpected and beautiful ways.
people have remembered my kindness and did anything to help me.
the jackals who hurt me?
i watched them burn every bridge to be trapped on their own islands they created.
just yesterday,
i stumbled upon something that made me roll my eyes

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