Fallin’ Behind In Life (Catch a Cab to First Place)


i have some good animals in my life.
they love me and stand by my emotional ass.
look i can be full of the feels.

anyway one of my home-vixens,
who i love ever so much,
sent me the following the other day.
we talk about our future goals and aspirations on the daily,
so this huffington post article was right up my alley.
it’s about when you feel you are falling behind in life.
and many of the foxhole,
may feel we aren’t where we need to be.
the entire article was written by jamie varon and well…
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Bishop TD Jakes Has Something To Say About The Foxhole

t.d.-jakes-dappereveryone knows i’m part of the potters house online congregation.
well if you don’t know,
now ya know.
*biggie voice*
every sunday,
i faithfully stream bishop td jakes service all the way from new yawk.
i often tweet while watching as well.
one day i will attend service live and in living color.
in the front row since i don’t “do” nose bleeds.
anyway td jakes had some interesting things to say about gays in the church.
someone sent him in a question during his “the huffington post live” segment.
since the foxhole makes up gay/bi/tri,
this one is definitely for us.
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Adam Lambert Slept With The A List DL Wolves (Lucky!)

i’m jamari fox and ive been with a few baller wolves.”

^things i would never say out loud.
well some people are not like me.
adam lambert is one of them.
he had a pretty revealing interview with glamour uk.
  he admitted he slept with high profile wolves.

ones who happen to be on the low due to their careers.
this is a quick quote from the huffington post
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Would You Attend The Royal Muppet Marriage?

Kim Kardashian and Bat boy are not the only not hot couple trying to tie the not this year.
Seems a certain “it” celeb coupling is in talks of finally getting hitched after YEARS of speculation.

What do you think?…

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