the suicide note left behind

i have written my own suicide note in my head in a few times.
not lately as i’ve been in a good place,
but i always said i’d update the foxhole before i did it.
i don’t want you in a “why doesn’t jamari post anymore?” clusterfuck.
that is my truth.
for those who suffer from depression,
like myself,
mental suicide notes often come standard.
i’ve woken up ready to die and gone to sleep feeling the same.
say goodbye to tara condell.
she was a dietitian here in new hawk.
judging from her ig,
she traveled and appeared to live a pretty good life.
she hanged herself on wednesday.
but i was her suicide note that was so beautiful written…

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Suicide Note x The Fiance (Aaron Hernandez)

well they have released the first suicide note from aaron hernandez.
this one was for his fiance,
shayanna jenkins hernandez.
this is what he wrote to her…
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