foxhole, cum experience the stages of drug use with me

i came the the conclusion recently:

I don’t like smoking weed

confession: i did because everyone around me did.
tv and music always makes it seems so amazing,
yet i never have those experiences.
every time i smoked,
i always ended up:

…paranoid af
…with every thought in my head enhanced
… a horrible depression the next day

alcohol loosens me up,
but weed is actually a downer for me.
the last time i smoked (which was last year for a r&b/birthday party),
i felt like i could pick up on everyone’s energy tho.
i felt intensely psychic af.
that’s a whole nother story.
they say weed is the gateway drug use to harder drugs.
i can believe it.
i saw this video on twitter that broke my heart.
it was the stages of drug use with this one vixen and well…

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