When Your Baller Wolf Asks You To Sign A Non-Disclosure Agreement…

jamari fox loves top-notch wolves.

don’t get me wrong.
i like regular wolves too.
tonight this is about wolves that are in the public eye.
the ones i show you that make your dicks hard.
this isn’t for my christians and conservatives.
i don’t fuck with ya’ll.
why you even on here?
secretly, you know you want that life.
if you weren’t so uptight….

i’m going to teach you what the snow foxes know that the black ones dont.
they are about their paper.
point-blank period.
trust, they don’t fuck around when they meet someone in the public eye.
why do you think all the top white actors, directors, and execs’s snow foxes are nicely taken care of?
some are even in the damn will!!!!!
why are they set up in condos and have a career doing something?
i can’t tell you how many white gay foxes in the city that have a lifestyle sponsored.
well one, they know the value of a closed mouth.
two… well, they are about that life.
their life is NOT a basketball wife full of drama.

when you meet a baller wolf,
things can go by fast.
you get swept up in a lifestyle of cars, clothes, and cack.
that is, if you don’t come off like a dick swallowing jump off.
you go from shopping at the bodega to browsing at bergdorfs.
you will learn the difference between armani and tom ford.
you may see a different airport every week.
you’ll wake up to room service and do not disturb signs.
do you know what it is like to fuck on egyptian cotton?
if you are masculine, you will be thrust into the spotlight with him.
you may join him in the club.
you will pop bottles.
you will know what ace of spades taste like.
you will sit in VIP.
you will meet beyonce and rihanna.
dap up jay-z and chris brown.
you will go to the games.
sit in the box seats.

you are:
the assistant.
the stylist.
the publicist.
find a career and learn to do something.
get on his payroll.
do not be “the random guy in the crew”.
strive to be:

^kinda like nicki minaj’s bag carrier.

sound exciting, doesn’t it?

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