It’s A Good Time To Be A “Not So Good” Singer


soooooo this probably made a lot of people happy.
not you and i.
the consumer.
moreso the people who we listen to when we are:


headed to work

not our parents or favs.
yes to the music artist tho.
they set some new rules on how artists will get platinum status today.
“platinum” use to mean 1 million actual records sold.
well this digital age brings new changes.
check out how an album will be platinum now via riaa
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Everyone Meet My Brand New Piece of Pussy.

it has two definitions.
it can be that thing you have on your face when you don’t shave for 2 weeks.
like, now.
baby when do you plan on getting a cut?
you look terrible.
or it could be:

the big breasted,
shiny haired,
“look like you have good pussy”,
vixen you usually saw in your dreams or a magazine spread for bras.
today foxhole,
we gonna talk about the beard,
or to some of us:

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His Pipe Is American Express… But He Treats Me Like The Dollar Store.

you know it when you experience it.
when you touch it, it feels different.
when you lay on it, it feels exceptional.
when it comes into your life,
you want more of it.
shit, some of us are quality.
i know i am.
with my writing alone,
i am worth a lot.
we have so many skills and talents that it automatically makes us expensive.
if you count up all the things you are good at,
you will see that you are pretty pricey.

… but, why do we deal with such low quality from people we date… or fuck?
we like to wear cute clothes and be fly on instagram,
but when it comes to our hearts,
we let just “anyone” with a american express dick/ass,
with a citi trends attitude,
possess it.
why is this?
do some of us not know our value?
or, do we know and we just settle because it is easier?
i started to wonder…

when did our material possessions worth more than us?

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I Got A Man Down Situation

I do…

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