home is where the subs are on The Foxhole

ya know what i didn’t like about patreon?
even though i am grateful for the opportunity,
i felt like couldn’t be myself.

  1. I always felt like i was talking on eggshells
  2. I couldn’t add gifs and all the fun things we do here
  3. The password shit annoyed me to no end (especially the countless questions about it)

i always wanted all of my content on here as well.
i was talking to a vixen who told me:

“You should have everything on The Foxhole where folks have to subscribe to access.”

i looked into those options and felt it couldn’t be done.
God always has a plan in motion even when we can’t see it…

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Trying Something New

Time to let go of the old way of doing things and try something new.

That is my word of the year: new.

I am fed up of how things were and are going. It is imperative that I bring certain habits to the close and open myself up to change. Those habits were causing me unhappiness and stagnant behavior.

Things will be a lot more exciting.