ya’ll wanna be pokemon trainers catching all these diseases and pandemics

“One thing the Powers That Be could count on is promiscuity and humanities inability to temper their sexual behavior.” Khalil31

the powers that b know that many of us are idiots.
they know what traps to set and how some of us fall in each time.
why lift a finger when they know how people will react and respond?
you tell us one thing and we will fight to do the opposite.
we will whine and complain about our rights to protect our safety.
some are arguing the recent stats about monkeypox are homophobic.
it’s really ridiculous and all could be prevented.
imagine catching the trifecta of pokmemon
and you can take that how you will…

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The Well Endowed Loud-Mouth Italian

We have this client who comes into my job and you can hear him a mile away.
He is very loud and you can probably hear his voice in Pakistan.
We will call him Squawk because that is all he does.

Squawk is pretty gruff and rough around the edges.
Aren’t all Italians?
I guess I would give him a pass with his voice.
He has the type of voice that with the right tone,
it could turn into “come home and get this dick” type of thing.
But what is attached to the voice is just NOT kosher.

But, check it…

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