So This “DL” Thing…..

U walk past a group of hood dudes. A couple are staring at you under their fitteds. Blank stares. Does that mean they are gay?

I see that baller I want so badly. I listen to the gossip amongst my news flash Foxes. Rumors swirling. But does that mean he is gay?

That guy who I think checked me out at the grocery store. I caught him staring and then he looked off. Playing duck – duck – DL. Does that mean he wanted me?

Is this whole “yeah he is definitely gay” thing just something to keep us from jumping off a roof because there really isn’t that much gay people at all?

The only people I see goin on and on that someone is gay is women and gay people. Many times the woman is going on “feminine” traits and the gay dude is going on “fantasy”.

Or am I wrong?

That is something I think about, while sipping this wine tonight. I always hear gay people talking about they went down some block and such and such dude(s) stopped and was looking as he walked by. Was this just a figment of his imagination? Or was he really commanding the attention of DL dudes?

If there is so much gay dudes walking around this world today, then why are half of us single and lonely? Let’s do the Math. Let’s say that 35% of out gay people are roaming the United States today. Half of them are black so we will say 15%. Then, the rest is made up of DL and Bi dudes – then that is not a lot for us to work with. Or a really gigantic guessing game that isn’t really much fun.

I always look at dudes as I am doing my daily travels and wonder how much of these dudes checked me out and I did not notice. Or, how much of these dudes I wanted to check me out but they are straight. Because, not for nothing, many on the low dudes are not obvious with their hints and clues. Many dudes that are on the low are pretty much scared you will bust their spot. So chances of them hollering are a risk on their part.

Unless you are a queen who everyone knows gets down, then life for the rest of us is pretty much a challenge. The chat sites only offer so much and it seems like the same ol thing trying to get at you. You think you met someone that may be worth it but it was a false alarm rung way to many times.

So what are we to do? Are we doomed? Or do we just wait around, hoping and praying we catch a sign.

Let a fellow Fox know how you feel?

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