it’s dripping and i can’t make it stop (wet)

i thought i was about to lose my mind this morning.
i’ve had panic attacks before,
but this one was a little bit different.
so this morning,
i woke up outta my sleep around 6am.


the dripping was intense...

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He fucked up and got soaking wet…

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Lay Down Some Rubber (24)


Here is another edition for you guys.

It has been about the Wolves for a while now.
We have to change that fellas.

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Premium Meat of the Minute: Jon Beason

I love chocolate.
Chocolate is sort of my aphrodisiac.
But, I never really had dark chocolate before.

Have you ever used chocolate in foreplay?

Let’s take a look at a dark chocolate bar I wouldn’t mind dripping all over me…

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