I Don’t Think Chris Hemsworth Was Wearing Any Underwear

for a snow wolf,
chris hemsworth bawdy is the truth.
i enjoy when he graces the screen as “thor”:

well a foxholer sent me some old pictures of chris.
they are from 2016,
but it was what he was doing when he got off a private jet.
what do these pics remind you of…
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Are You The… Rainbow Fuckin’ Kind?

Would you date him:

Chris “Fine As Hell” Evans.
I sure would.
I sure to HELL would.

What about him?

Paul Walker just does things to me.

The Snow Wolves.
A place that we never thought of looking at,
but should we?
Should we, as Foxes, take a break from the chocolate and take a bite into the vanilla?
Is it selling out? Or is it just tired of the bullshit?
Are we just tired of all the requirements to successfully find ourselves in a solid relationship?
One with a man that we are attracted to and will treat us the way we want?
One who ain’t:

On Drugs
Selling Drugs
or Just Messy?

I had to wonder…

Are you willing to play in the snow?

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