I Wonder What Kerry Rhodes Stick Shift Feelin’ Like?


“God, you’re so handsome
Take me to the Hamptons
Bugatti Veyron
He loves to romance ’em,
Reckless abandon,
Holdin’ me for ransom,
Upper echelon…” – national anthem, lana del rey.

i love good looking wolves and even better looking cars.
besides a range rover,
and lamborghini gallardo,
one of my favorite cars is the bugatti veyron.

tumblr_lj5465SrVA1qfl64yit got to the point i have random pictures of it as my desktop wallpaper.
in order for you to even own a bugatti,
you need to have bank.
i affirm i will own it one day.
well kerry rhodes must have it like that
because he woke up in one yesterday…

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