You Ain’t Never Putting Fingers In My Bootyhole

tumblr_m6u2jd8liz1qbmrcdo1_500i guess the dragging got to him.
that’s what i was telling myself when i saw these latest tweets.
its funny how most straight wolves don’t want you near their tails.
i know some who will punch you in the face if you even grab it.
that sucks because most straight wolves,
and even the dominant ones in this life,
have the nicest and fattest bunz.
well kanye west wanted the world to know his wolf hole is “fanga free”.
this is what he tweeted,
as well as what god told him about using cubs in his verbal assaults…
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My Poor Booty Hole

broken-bed_31395360let’s talk about fuckin’.
i wanted to fuck last week.

i wanted to fuck my grief away.
i wanted to get fucked so hard,
i would see stars that star fox would appear before me.
even if his ex wanted to fuck,
i would have turned it down.
the one time i wanted to get my ass handed to me,
i couldn’t do anything because i had a little problem.

as a fox,
we know this problem all too well.
it can come from a multiple of sources,
but once it happens,
you are pretty much left with sitting it out or using your mouth.
you already guessed.
the hemorrhoid.
the ultimate pain in our ass.
no matter how small or fat our butt cheeks are,
ain’t nothing worst than that.
we are like family so “tmi” in advanceā€¦

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