Imagine What Would Happen If The Product Came In Different Packaging

“It’s a bad religion
To be in love with someone
Who could never love you” – frank

story of my life though?
he could as well call this album “fox tales”.
i relate with about 95% of this album.

i woke up to listen to channelORANGE.
beautiful album.
as you know, i was always a fan.
i will admit the announcement helped push me into possible stan-manship.
but i had to wonder if frank ocean’s newly found success comes from being something we aren’t use to….

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Your Face of Total Despair

This is about the scariest thing I have ever seen.
This isn’t a “GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER” mini video.
Sadly, she can’t see it.
I feel it is way to late for her to even get back to how she was.
You can see where she started going wrong

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Welcome To The Illuminati (Refreshments Will Be Served At 12pm)

Kanye West is a genius.
I feel I can say that about him because of his music, from first to last.
Plus, he is one of the few artists who uses visuals to represent what he is talking about.
He debuted a quick visual For Anja Rubik’s Magazine that you got to check out…

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I Like My Wolf To Obey When I Say, “SIT”.

So last night,
I decided to f0x trot outside my den.
I had to find my wings one the hottest days of the year.

But lets talk for a minute about the Wolf  in the drop top…
who decided to pull up next to me as I waited to cross the street.
He acted like he was pulling over,
but he was staring at me the whole time.
He had a Fox in the passenger seat.
The Fox gave me the meanest eye roll,
the Wolf was smiling at me.

I bet I would have gotten your nigga’s number if you weren’t in the front seat brah.
Ran his pockets for your lunch money.

Watch yaself.


I decided to go support a friend at an event in the city.
It was suppose to be hosted by an B-list r&b singer,
but she decided to pull out an hour before she was suppose to go on.
Typical shit.
The event had a lot of industry (and wanna-be) folks.
A lot of:

“Yeah, I’m working with…”
“I’m signed to such and such person…”
“I’m about to blow the fuck up!”

(its like i don’t believe in anyone’s dreams anymore.
i’m around so many nightmares)

So after a lot of that foolery,
I look to my right and SHIT!….
a Wolf I have spoken about was standing right across from me.
His friend is a singer and was on the bill to perform.
How did I not know he was going to be there to support?
Or, did I?


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Can You Guess Which 3 Basketball Wives Just Got Fired?

Funny enough,
the ones who got fired didn’t strike me as old chicken heads

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