billy porter shows us how to bow down and kiss the ring

billy porter sort of annoys me now.
he comes off fake and doesn’t come off effortless.
it’s like he’s trying too hard or something.
he went to the white house for their juneteenth event and…
he did something that got him trending in the worst way possible…

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the tortured wallets department, am i right?

as you know,
or didn’t,
but i’ve always been into taylor swift’s music
as always,
i have to be honest with The Foxhole:

Her latest album was so boring to me.
I gave it five songs before i had to tap out.

It sounded like one long song and the vibes were off.

as taylor milks the “tortured poets department” for all it’s worth,
the swifties are still lappin’ it up.
she’s re-released the same album 34 times with one or two new tracks,
just to keep other pop gals from stealing the spotlight.
it’s a little unfair and definitely shady.
billboard’s counting all these re-releases and keeping her at number one.
here’s all the 34 versions she’s put out

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the best way to get his interest is to just walk up and grab that dack

What happens when a man doesn’t reciprocate your interest after we do a bold move?

if a wolf that i’m interested in doesn’t give me an opening after i drop hints,
i try to maintain a healthy distance until further notice.
if not,
i move on and leave him alone.
i know,

making someone else uncomfortable,
especially a male who might be straight or not interested,
makes me uncomfortable and can start rumors

…but it seems a majority of people have no filter nowadays.

just yesterday,
it happened to tariq from power aka michael rainey jr. on a live stream.

someone decided to walk up to him and grab his attention

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hakeem lyon’s cheeks out so (everyone) freaks out!

one of the Foxholers said that if this was a story line in “empire”,
this is something hakeem would do.
i can believe it.
hakeem was the wild one out of the 3 brothers.

Foxholers have been sending me how fast he is moving in this new role on OF…

and we are off to the races

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depression and food took mandisa’s life

a breakup
a job loss

the death of someone close to us
setbacks that make us question our path
being ostracized from people we thought were our friends/family
struggling to accept not being straight

being violated and no one wants to listen or believe you/sides with the abuser

all these unwelcome guests can open the door to depression.
one moment…

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so, allegedly, megan thee stallion was front row in nicki’s box seat?

i bought jaguar wright‘s first album.
i think i might have been the only one.
i bought it because of her being on jay’s unplugged and the coke commercial with the mouth:

Remember when neo-soul was poppin?
I miss that era.

I didn’t realize how much drama them neo-soul folks were in around that time either.

the album was terrible and she vanished slowly after.
jaguar has been running her own platform,
being on all the podcasts,
but her mental illness as the main feature.
she has said some wild things in the past but allegedly,
she said she saw an alleged tape of nicki minaj and megan the stallion performing.

not the type of performing you are thinking about tho…

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