Is This What Happens When You Ride The “D”?

Dtrain…you get infested with bugs?
when you ride the trains of new yawk,
you are bound to see any and everything.
it is always an adventure.
well this crazy she-hyena decided to violate with every inch of her life.
she let some damn bugs off on the d train.
a foxholer sent me the story from the new yawk daily news and well…
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The Start of The First Day of My New Life

tumblr_n0ral73jD41scm50ao1_1280i was called into my boss’s office before it was time for me to go.
how convenient.
i was also waiting for my check,
but my boss was holding it.
before i could get it,
we had to “talk” first.
i thought it was the end of the road for me.
i was nervous,
but i felt sorta relieved.
when i walked into his office,
mr green was also in there as well…
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