Tahj Mowry Gets Some Strange and Confusing Leakage…

screen-shot-2016-10-23-at-11-10-51-pmso there is a lot going on with tahj mowry.
well something interesting,
it seems like he has gotten some alleged leakage.
so an alleged male…
uh huh…
sent in an alleged conversation to the blog,
“east coast renaissance”.
a vix-bi sent me the lead what was sent in


lets go…
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I Just Watched The Season Premiere of “The Walking Dead” And…

the-walking-dead-season-7-photos-09-620x360i am now coming down from that “the walking dead” episode.
the premiere for season 7 was tonight.
i cannot believe what i watched.
if that was not the most violent episode they have had…
well after 8 months of anticipation,
they finally revealed who took it to the head by neegan’s bat,
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The IG Wolf With The Stylish Arms and Back


you just never know where jamari fox will be.
i was at an industry event the other day,
minding my business,
and a wolf i’ve written about walked in.
now i wouldn’t go as far as to call this wolf an “attentionisto”,
but his friend he hanngs tough with is.
now he was with two wolves.
one was shorter,
caramel complected,
with what appeared to be a curly mohawk.
the other was taller,
and with a low fade.
the wolf i wrote about was the finest in that wolf pack.
this is him…
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Janet Jackson Is Sending Ya’ll A Message About This Tour

i think you guys can forget about that tour.
janet jackson is not only barefoot and pregnant,
but she is also now in full muslim housewife mode.
she was spotted in london with the hubby,
wissam al manna,
holding hands and looking…
muslim and pregnant
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