A Royal Elite Ass (Royal G)

screen-shot-2016-09-26-at-6-36-00-ami woke up this morning to about 10+ emails about this.
i knew i had to post about it before i left the house.
so you know i love me some royal g.
he even shouted the foxhole out on his snapchat at one point.
well royal g posted a picture that has everyone dripping wet.
this is what has everyone wiping off their chairs
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When You Try To Rob Luke Cage (and a Ton of Surprises Unfold)


nothing better than a surprise.
whether it’s a package,
a promotion,
or a sexy wolf behind a jack’d profile.
nothing beats a surprise.
these robber jackals were in for a good surprise as well.
they ordered a pizza in hopes of robbing who was delivering the pizza.
what they got was even better.
an f-bi sent me this story via the washington post
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Brody Jenner May Not Have Any Hair Follicles Left

screen-shot-2016-09-25-at-12-28-04-pmbrody jenner looks peaceful,
doesn’t he?
well too bad all is not well in his forest today.
he is being dragged by every inch of his life.
he agreed with his friend about the officers killing keith lamont scott.
this is what he said via the shade room
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I’ll Have A Cup of Semen With My Sandwich Please


wtf is going on with the world?
it’s like the jackals are coming out more and more.
before we know it,
they will start overtaking the good.
so this jackal decided to pour his semen on this vixen at panera bread.
he just walked up to her and gave her head a cup fulla nut.
cbs12 has more on this disgusting story…
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