Text Sex

You know that familiar text:

“Aye, what you doing?”

The introduction into sexting. One of my favorite past times, ever since texting became commercial.

Tonight, I was laying in my bed when I received a text from an unfamiliar number. I don’t memorize numbers in my mental hard drive so I chaulked it up to someone I use to talk to but I was probably done with them.

The convo was going well. They were asking me about my toes (pause) and what I was wearing. I started to wonder if it was “Married Guy”?….. Naw, I know his text talk. Or was it “Dick Curves All The Way To The Left”? …. Naw, he lost his job and vanished off my yim to sulk.

Or it could be Shorty Harlem? …. But I think he erased his number as well as mine.

I don’t know WHO this was but I was enjoying it until he asked me what I was wearing. A typical Fox would have told him “nothing”. I told him to “Guess?”

He replies…… “Bra n panties”


I don’t recall doing drag so who the FUCK was this??? Did I just get text intercepted???

I wasn’t going to lead him on so I came clean and told him he was texting a dude. Apparently, that didn’t stop him from finding out more about me.


I hit him with a fake name to see where he was going with this. He hasn’t replied back so I guess he finally realized what was going on.

Fun while it lasted.

I wonder if he was cute?

Lol Later.

Brought To You By The Foxberry