do you think you will survive your own game of thrones?

*i just sold “game of thrones” to a friend of mine.
now that she has free time,
she is thinking about watching that epic series.
i try to keep in mind that the final season didn’t happen,
but she didn’t need to know that.

i’ve been thinking a lot about that show tho,
especially “the starks” storyline.
for those who watched,
did you notice (light spoilers) that if…

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No Place Is Safe Anymore (Survive)


a day after the tragic shootings in orlando and i was a paranoid summabitch.
when i got to work this morning,
i thought about if some gun toting psycho was to bust through the door.

what would i do?
where would i go?
how would i handle it?

in my mind,
i would be an “x-man” and fly out the window.
or i would be the second best thing next to jason statham.
all those outcomes don’t equal what would happen in reality.
the place where shit really happens.
you know what kills me?…
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