wonder woman has the smoke for joss whedon too

i have such an issue with corporate america,
especially with how i was treated.
if you ever get a boss that was conceived from the pits of hell

Forget it.

they literally are supervillains who fight the justice league on a nightly basis.
joss whedon seems to be that individual.
there have been a few stories about his alleged nasty behavior on his sets,
especially from charisma carpenter who played “cordeila” on buffy.

( x  read it here )

sidebar: wasn’t cordeila everything on that show?
she was a feisty and entertaining bitch.
you know i love them.

she spoke up because ray fisher,
who played “cyborg” on justice league,
revealed how he was treated by joss whedon in 2020.

gal gadot,
who portrays “wonder woman” aside ray fisher on justice league,
has smoke for joss whedon too…

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