use hoe babble to stroke more than his ego

hoe babble.
many of us have used it at one point or another.
you see someone fine and you’ll say anything to get some sex,
even its true or not.
i’ve used hoe babble when i’m trying to get that peen.
i have told wolves they were talented when they weren’t.
i have used it to stroke a wolf of my interest’s ego.

“I wanna say something but I don’t want to offend you.” – me
“Nah say it.” – him
“Are you sure? It’s might come kinda gay.” – me

“Nahhhh we cool. Just tell me.” – him
“Okay… you have really nice arms. They are really big. I noticed them the other day when you wore that shirt.” – me
“Thank you! I been working out and thought they weren’t big enough.” – him
“No, they are really big…” – me

after that,
he started getting closer and did everything to highlight his arms.
even though he was “straight”,
he even let me touch me at one point.
i used the same hoe babble to tell ww his butt was nice in pants too.
hoe babble is a flirting technique that oftentimes works.
i can bet george aka @princecgo (^above) gets a lot of hoe babble.
a Foxholer sent me something he posted on his IG stories

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are we storming his castle walls with this latest exposure of prince george?

i ain’t gonna hold you but george ogbonna aka @princecgo is sexy af.
his bawdy is a fuckin’ wanderland and i love when my mind wanders.
in my fantasies,
he looks like he would be a stallion in bed.
in reality,
i tend to be wary of the gym attentionistos.
they look like they’ll flex in the mirror while giving strokes.

I like that?
I like that a lot.
Oh yeah,
I like me a lot.
How much do I like I?
I like I so so so much.”

a foxholer sent me that george might have been exposed.
brace yourself…

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