have you checked out “pretty dudes” on stoopid ambitious yet?

i came to three thoughts while watching the web series,
pretty dudes“.

1. Ellington’s bawdy is absolutely insane (played by xazier avila on the far left in the above picture).
2. More straight males should have a good gay friend.
3 The straights are not good at finding gays a love interest.

anytime that i’ve heard the sentence:

“OMG he is so nice Jamari!”

…i know i’m in for a big,
waste of my time.
i’ve never had someone hook me up with a wolf who looks like ellington:

one could wish your straight friends knew your taste since you have a good idea of theirs.
most gays tend to have good taste anyway.
that was one of the storylines from a character named zario.
in the series,
zario broke up with his manz and…

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