So Beyonce Is Pregnant or Nah?

BxXRjHoIcAAefddso i came in the house,
took all my clothes off,
and laid down on my bed.
i said i’ll take a quick nap before i start playing in my foxhole.
well i woke up at a lovely 11:30pm.
adrian peterson’s scandal was the first thing i read.
  beyonce allegedly being pregnant being the second…
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Kim Kardashian Knows What “Side Chicks Be Like” or Nah?

tumblr_n9o0vdMPPO1sxlr2xo1_1280Screen Shot 2014-08-02 at 12.03.40 PMafter those matching outfits and broaches at riccardo’s birthday party,
i’m guessing she knows what role she is playing.
i’d say “the babysitter”.

lowkey: wasn’t she a sidekick when she was messing with ye while he was dating amber?
and while she was engaged to kris humphries and reggie bush?
and before while he was with her friend,
( x alexis phifer )?

whattttso yeah i’m sure she knows what a “side chick be like”
allegedly of course.