kim jong-un might have taken that great missile to the sky

2020 is not playing any games!
it’s like we are on this roller coaster that has no end.
i read last week that the leader of north korea,
kim jong-un,
was in a coma after heart surgery.
well according to “tmz“…
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Don’t Mess With North Korea

tumblr_ngqxjfbL181qzx3jto1_1280i think they you mean “FAIL”.
so i been seeing commercials for this movie called “the interview”.
it starred seth rogan and james franco.
sony pictures is the studio behind the movie.
the plot was those two doofuses going to kill kim jong-un,
the leader of north korea.
i instantly thought the film was a very bad idea.
very bad.
last month,
sony hq’s private emails ironically got hacked revealing EVERYTHING.
directors were talkin’ shit about angelina jolie,
kevin hart,
and a host of others.
very ironic.
well if you were planning on seeing “the interview” on christmas day,
it looks like you better go see something else
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