“He Probably May Not Call Me Back.”

used_condom_43w346446_1234227693217that entry title is my attitude for 2014.
now i know you’re thinking:
“um negative much?”
…but im taking a more realistic standpoint.
you should as well…
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Same Shit; Different Dick

Dating can have it’s ups and downs.
To be honest, it can be a repetitive game of “Haven’t I done this dick before?”
It can be inspiring or un-interesting, depending on who you ask.
For some, we have it lucky meeting men.
While others, it is another night home alone with a tv dinner and a rerun of “Soul Plane” on BET.
But there are those in the middle who are in relationships and have settled down…
… but at what cost?

This could be an episode of “Your Dating Life: The Clone Wars”.

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