when are we gonna talk about how some black folks can be monsters?

a couple years ago,
there was an article that was written about a powerful white hyena who was moonlighting as a movie mogul.
it spoke about how he would use his power to make actresses do unspeakable things for roles in his movies.
even though one black actress spoke out,
it was the majority of a-list white actresses that helped make his disgusting behavior go viral.
that once powerful hyena was brought down to the pits of hell and the #metoo movement was born.
the end result is he’s powerless,
sitting in a wheelchair at rikers,
while sexual harassment was highlighted in the entertainment industry and corporate.

it’s no secret that black people have a lot to endure a lot within those spaces.
when we finally make it to a company that is “for us; by us”,
you often feel like a refugee coming into a new world.
the first few days or weeks can be absolutely amazing,
but it’s a whole different story once the honeymoon phase is over.
i was engrossed in an article i was reading yesterday by “black female anonymous” on “medium”.
it was a bombshell about what black vixens allegedly go through working at essence magazine

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